The departments of Shalom Taller
Shalom Taller ’s activities are divided into three different departments that have a high degree of complementarity. Each specific department shares an identical mission, and as a group, make up a culture based on professionalism and quality services.

• Design and fabrication of wooden boxes and cases.
Integrated maintenance services
Service Center for Disabled

ShalomTaller. Design and fabrication of wooden boxes and cases.
In 1975 Shalom Taller began the activity of transforming and fabricating boxes with a modest carpentry machine. After thirty years of experience, Shalom Taller occupies a prominent position in the design and fabrication of wooden boxes, it is a market leader in Catalonia, and enjoys a strong presence in Spain. Shalom Taller exports to Belgium, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.

At present, Shalom is a specialist in the fabrication of boxes, cases, containers, and wooden objects for any economic sector and has been able to strengthen, by means of its long history, a recognized quality brand, and prestige by specializing in wooden containers and boxes.

Shalom Taller stakes its place on the quality of the product and its service. The products are highly competitive in the global market, and also stand out for their special attention to the social and labor integration of persons as well as their environmental sustainability.