Shalom Taller at the Paris World Packaging Exhibition
From 17 to 21 November 2008 Shalom Taller will be present with their own stand in the Paris World Packaging Exhibition where they will present their latest products and wooden boxes for the international market. The Paris World Packaging Exhibition is Europe’s most important for the sector, and gathers the main companies from the world over.

Wine and cava promotion
Shalom Taller has begun a strong promotion of wine and cava boxes that represent the culmination of a year of intense labor from our whole team, and an example of innovation.

The promotion of wine and cava boxes is directed to the needs of all Spanish wineries for the following Christmas campaign. The product spans different types of wine and cava boxes (dovetailed and stapled).

The principal feature of this year’s promotion is the certified accreditation of the pinewood’s origin. This advantage adds to the collaboration with the Social Responsibility Cooperative that Shalom Taller offers as a benefit for clients in the terms established in the law 13/1982 (LISMI).
Moreover, the 2008/09 wine and cava box promotion presents the new custom service “Agility and flexibility” that defines a serious commitment to detail for our clients.